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Welcome to Essence Surf's Custom Surfboard Page.

Browsing through our standard models and didn't see anything you like? Found a board in a store but you just can't afford it? Or are you just uncertain about what you need?

No problem. Contact Essence Surf and we will get the board you want under your feet. Over the years the majority of our business has been building custom boards for novices and experts alike.

Since we are the manufacturer there is no reason to pressure customers into buying what we have in stock. We pride ourselves in building a working relationship with our customers so as they progress as surfers their boards progress with them.




Design Your Own Board: (return to top of page)

Design your own board in Precision Shaper software, send us the file, and we finish the build.

We recommend that the first board you design you come into the shop for our design class and watch your first board get cut and shaped. This will allow you to better understand the design parameters that are most friendly with the machining of the blank. With this class you get instruction on designing and machine setup. We also offer our ghost files for future designs you may send to us.

One time cost for the class is $85.

If you choose not to take the class we may have to charge an additional $25 per design for technician clean up or re-design.

For Group classes please see our Machining and Design Page for details and pricing.

A free lite version of the software is available for download at the following link:


For additional information please feel free to Contact Us anytime.


Do I need anything in order to get a custom Build? (return to top of page)

Not necessarily...

We have plenty of customers approach us with very little knowledge regarding what they need or want. In this case we would ask a few simple questions to determine your skill level and how you want to progress as a surfer.


I know what I want, how can I get it built? (return to top of page)

If you know what your looking for in a board we can work with you to get the build that accommodates your style. The more details you have the better our build to your specifications.


Can I get a board duplicated that I saw in a store or online? (return to top of page)

We can duplicate boards. However the accuracy of the clone is based on the details you are able to provide us. Boards online have limited dimensional information available so we would be limited to that listed information.

If you can get the board in hand and measure it or bring it to us...then you can get a true clone. See measurement guide below for details.

 Surfboard Measuring Guide: (return to top of page)

 1) Overall Length: (return to top of measuring section)


Length or Height of the board is crucial for duplicates. There are two ways to aquire this measurement, either by the bottom or top.

WE PREFER this measurement be obtained from the TOP of the board. This will give us a true Length/Height of the board.

2) Widest Point: (return to top of measuring section)


There are two factors to consider when pin pointing the width of the board. Once the widest point of the board is found it must be determined how far from the tail that point lies. This is an important measurement! Generally this also indicates the thickest point of the board...but you may want to double check that when you do board thicknesses.

 3) Additional Points Of Interest: (return to top of measuring section)


In order to replicate an outline curve a few more measuremets are needed.

6" and 12" up from the tail. Measure the widths at these two points.

6" and 12" Down from Nose. Also measure these widths.

When it comes to tails...there are alot of different designs. The more complex or curved the more measurements need to be done.

4) Thickness & rocker: (return to top of measuring section)


By measuring both the thickness and rocker the foil (Upper curve) of the board is also determined.

"Rocker" is the lower curve of the board. These measurements should be done at the end of the tail and 6" up from the tail. As well as the end of the nose and 12" down from the nose.

At each of these points the thickness of the board at that point also needs to be measured.

The thickest part of the board is measured as well as its distance from the tail.

 5) Rail & Hull Design: (return to top of measuring section)


Specific rail and hull designs are nearly impossible to duplicate without the original CAD based digital designs. However estimations can be made and most people will not feel the difference between minor variations.

1) Rails:

Full rails are generally slightly boxey and are usually refered to as 50/50 rails since they have nearly equal ratio in volume between the top and bottom.

Pinched rails are turned downward and are usually refered to a 60/40 rails since they have nearly a 60/40 ratio in volume between the top and bottom.

2) Hull Design.

There are countless numbers of different hull designs...It will be up to you to describe the transition to us.


Please fill out the Custom Surfboard Contact form below.

If you have any question please feel free to call us:

Monday-Friday EST: 9am - 5pm

Weekends EST: 11am - 7pm




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