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Preparing for a Surfing Safari on a Do-It-Yourself Board


Recently one of our Students Keith Dixon wrote a great article regarding the shaping school which was featured in the New York Times. We are incredibly humbled by Kieth's words in this article. Please click the image below for the full article. THANKS AGAIN KEITH!

Preparing for a Surfing Safari on a Do-It-Yourself Board


Student Keith Dixon With his take on the Essence Surf Shaping School

Having just completed the full shaping course, I feel it's important to post here for any surfers considering taking a shaping class: the course you get through Essence is an amazing experience and you should do this! A lot of shaping classes out there provide you with a pre-cut blank that you sand down a bit [...]

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Essence Surf: Progressive surfboard shapes for the Kids.

Translating from foamy to fiberglass: Sam Z & Andrew Z Rocking the "Clipper" At some point in any surfers life there was a time when he/she had to learn to surf. As experienced surfers we never like to admit that at some point we were all buoys who got in some ones way while we were [...]

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Essence Surf Board Reviews: The Fuego HK

The Fuego is probably one of the most versatile boards we have as a standard model. Keeping volume under the riders chest area for better float during paddling, low entry rocker with a slightly turned up nose for easy paddling but able to take late drops and a pinched in tail for rail to rail [...]

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Essence Surf Shaping Students Sky and Josh share their thoughts about their experience at Essence Surf.

Josh Allen:"Your Bottom Turn Looks SO Sick!" (or, How I Shaped My First Surfboard.)After years of dreaming and talking about it, I finally shaped my first surfboardthanks to Gene at Essence Surf, and by no feat of luck, it worked!In fact it worked so well on my first session, a stranger paddled out to tell me how good my [...]

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Essence Surf Shaping School and the creation of ONDA Surfboards. Retro Boards For Sure!

A few months ago Essence Surf had the privilege of running a building class with a new student; Sergio. Interested in the art of hand shaping boards Sergio paid meticulous attention to details, took notes and most of all took his time during all the steps of the building process. Like most all of our students, even before they [...]

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The Machine.

For over a year now Essence Surf has owned and operated their own PSV8 Surfboard Cutting Machine. Our goal is to assist in increasing your production while simultaneously reducing your overhead costs. We presently cut with Precision Shapers 3 axis router based machine; PSV8. Achieving board cut accuracy within a few millimeters. This is not sub-contracted [...]

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