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Essence Surf Shaping School and the creation of ONDA Surfboards. Retro Boards For Sure!

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A few months ago Essence Surf had the privilege of running a building class with a new student; Sergio. Interested in the art of hand shaping boards Sergio paid meticulous attention to details, took notes and most of all took his time during all the steps of the building process. Like most all of our students, even before they are done shaping their first board, he was already thinking about his second build...

Once finished with the class, Sergio wasted no time on starting his next build. Now, just so you understand, after the course we allow students to return and continue to build. We don't charge for bay rentals, or make them purchase all their own tools. Share and share alike...Also the individual who was once a student is now mostly on their own to learn their own methods and fix those pesky mistakes everybody makes. Mind you, other more experienced shapers and builders are around to help, but assist very little, perhaps making a suggestion or two during the process. So Sergio dives in, having a good idea of outline and shape and makes a damn good Retro board with multiple variations in the hull design. Wow, I was impressed. Even Resin Hand was impressed.Even though we don't want to, as surfboard builders we sometimes find ourselves drifting towards a comfort zone...sticking too shapes and techniques we are familiar with. Sergio, he had his own path and went right for the 70's retro shapes, and I got to be honest, they look super fun to ride!

Sergio then continues to build beyond his second board. However he now will be selling his home soon and moving to South Carolina. Realizing his time was short Sergio went in full tilt. This past month he was running 3 boards at the same time through the shop. He experimented with various art techniques, fin types and resin pigments, never letting the little things get in his way and learning to work around minor imperfections during the process. Getting in as much training as possible while also holding a job, trying to buy a house, trying to sell a house, and the various other stresses that just seem to be part of life sometimes. The board building though, it seemed it was a bit of sanctuary for him. Allowing him to take his mind off other things and just concentrate on the build.

All of Sergio's builds have been either the longboard or retro style boards and he is now planning out his own little shop in South Carolina. Now shaping under the name "ONDA"which means "wave" in italian. Essence Surf has been totally stoked that we have had the privilege to teach and learn with Sergio. He will be visiting us in the future due to work travel but we know that he will be building surfboards for himself and others far into the future.

Sergio, Essence Surf wishes you the best of luck down South!

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