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Learning To Shape

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essencesurf-bri-planner.jpgWelcome to Essence Surf's Learning To Shape School Page.

This particular course is a segment from our main school and concentrates primarily on shaping.

When taking the full "start to Fisnish" course you really get an overview of all aspects of board building. We have found it is nearly impossible to retain all the information and techniques used. So we have created this sub course which allows individuals to really fine tune their shaping skills.

 What Do You Need? (return to top of page)


Where Do You Live?

If you live in the state of New Jersey you are probably within a few hours of our location... Please keep in mind that the classes involve multiple sessions that can last up to 3 hrs. each. If you do not live in the wonderful Garden State we would not deny you the classes but the area we are in is fairly expensive and you will have to stay for about a week to complete the course. Feel free to contact us about places near us to stay.


How Old Are You?

If you are over the age of 18...no worries. If not don't be discouraged, we can still teach you but you MUST have a guardian present at all times during the building process. Guardians must also be present before any waivers or contracts are signed and must understand all the rules.
Parents, we run a safe but dirty operation. If you feel uncomfortable with your child participating in a certain aspect of the building process we respect that and will allow you child to watch and ask questions. We have taught individuals as young as 14 and have had the pleasure of working with both the parents and their children. We meet with all students and guardians prior to any classes and answer any questions you might have.


 Mind Getting Dirty?

No Joke, shaping glassing and sanding boards is a dirty job to say the least. We would recommend that you bring a change of cloths or coveralls when you start. You are welcome to change on the premise or leave cloths in the shop to change into.

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Getting Started!

So, this turns out this is something you would like to do. Question is how do you get started?

We do not accept walk-ins although we welcome anyone into our shop. We always invite the  student to come into the shop and see what the area is like and what we are all about. We do not want any misconceptions as to what the student will be getting involved in. We are located about 30 minutes West of New York City. Please feel free to email or call us to schedule an appointment. We require a 50% down payment on all classes prior to ordering any materials. Even though we have a stock of blanks, glass, and resin we may have to order if we are out of particular items. A contract and waiver MUST be signed by the student and/or guardian explaining the responsibility to their instructor and themselves. Safety equipment must be purchased for the classes.


 How Much Does It Cost? (return to top of page)


Is Learning Expensive?

For the Shaping Course we reduce the pricing for the class. If you choose, you are welcome to take the finished shape and glass it yourself or we would be more than happy to glass it for you.


We break this list down primarily by board size. Glassing Price signifies a plain white surfboard with (1) custom logo (8" x 10" of your choice. Class price covers all raw material costs (Blanks), and insrtuction on shaping. (POLY Blanks and resin ONLY. We do not work with epoxies or EPS).

Board Size: Class Price: Glassing Charge: Fin Box Standard:
5'8" - 6'9" $375 $230 Thruster (3)FCS II
6'10" - 7'11" $450 $245 Thruster (3)FCS II
8'0" - 9'1" $575 $340

8.5" OR 10.5" Box Bahne

9'2" - 9'8" $600 $375 10.5" Box Bahne
9'9" - 10'0" $625 $400 10.5" Box Bahne

 How Long Does It Take? (return to top of page)


 How Much Time Do I Need?

Shaping a complete board really depends on the size of the board and details in the shape.

Also we have to consider the skill levels and age of the individual.

Our best estimate:

Shaping: 1-3 classes. Ranging between 2-4 hrs each.

 What Is NOT Included? (return to top of page)


What Do I Need To Get?

We try and supply our students with everything they need in order to build their first surfboard. However, there are some items we do not supply in the base cost.

SAFETY EQUIPMENT: This is the most important! Due to hygienic concerns we require all students or people watching to bring their own safety equipment. You will need an organic respirator that is good for vapors, goggles and chemical resistant gloves. YOU CANNOT enter the shop without the proper protection!


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