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Printing Services


Welcome to Essence Surf's Printing Services Page.

After extensive research in papers and layup techniques, Essence Surf now offers full color prints for other manufacturers in the industry.

Please see content below for pricing details.

Feel free to Contact Us anytime if you have questions.



  1. Print Pricing is based on overall length and is per side.
  2. Present paper type is NOT meant to be wrapped around rails (We're working on that one).
  3. Customer must provide artwork at full size and a minimum of 300 dpi.
  4. Maximum width for print is 24".
  5. Printers do not drop pure white. CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) color base.
  6. It is recomended that any individual who will be laying in this artwork take the course priced below to learn proper techniques for application. Essence Surf is NOT responsible for incorrect installation that may result in unusable or un-glassable boards.

Full Board Print Pricing (HD Print):

Proper Layup Class (Recommended): $85 per side. This class is in addition to print cost and preformed on customers shaped blank. Techniques shown use Poly suncure based resin. Techniques can be applied to epoxy build.

Print Costs:

4'0" - 6'0":$85

6'1" - 7'0": $95

7'1" - 8'0": $105

8'1" - 9'0": $155

9'1" - 12'0": $225


Logo Lamination Print Pricing (Lamination Paper):

Logo Lamination Printing is done on traditional lamination paper similar to rice paper. Printing is CMYK and there for cannot drop white ink.

Print Costs:

4'0" - 24" Sheet: $135

contactgraphic.pngFor additional information, scheduling, or general questions please feel free to contact us.

 Monday-Friday EST: 9am - 5pm

 Weekends EST: 11am - 7pm



Or feel free to fill out the Industry Services contact form below.

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